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IYC Cruises is a Luxury Caribbean Cruise Line that offers you an exclusive vacation on our small luxury cruise ships that give you a private yacht experience.


Explore the exotic Caribbean islands
where no other cruise takes you
EXPERIENCE THE EXTRAORDINARY Explore the exotic Caribbean islands where no other cruise takes you THE EXTRAORDINARY
Explore exotic Caribbean islands where no other cruise takes you

Stunning Island Caribbean Cruises

Sail to the most unexplored Caribbean islands on a private yacht
Canouan Caribbean Islands Reg Price: $4599
See the island of the clouds and where the billionaires go to escape the millionaires
7 Nights
Island Dream Yacht
Barbuda Caribbean Islands Reg. $3999
From St Vincent to Tobago -Jump into a healing hot spring, tour beautiful villages & a plantation
7 Nights
Island Pride Yacht
St. Vincent Caribbean Islands Reg $1959
Escape with 4 Nights of Fun from Tobago to Dominica, St. Lucia and more
4 Nights
Island Pride Yacht
Barbados Caribbean Islands Reg. $1459
Enjoy 3 nights of island adventure including dancing to reggae music, snorkeling and diving
3 Nights
Island Pride Yacht
Experience world class diving in Saba, sink your feet into Barbuda pink sand beaches
7 Nights
Island Pride Yacht
Enjoy 14 nights of enchantment at the most exotic destinations - French Guyana, Suriname...
14 Nights
Island Pride Yacht

Welcome Aboard

You are Part of our Family . . .

Meet Our Head Captain

"I have been navigating the seas for 40 years and have captained over 25 vessels in the Caribbean and the Med. I am excited to welcome you aboard our ships as we embark from the beautiful islands of St Vincent or Tobago. "

Captain Basil Joseph
Director Of Crew Manning & Ship Technical

Meet Our Head Chef

Hello guests - I'm excited for you to taste the authentic flavors of real Caribbean food. This is my specialty. Like fresh seafood? You will have lobster caught fresh from local fisherman. Also, you'll get to try our organic fruits and vegetables locally grown in the Caribbean islands. I can't wait to see you smile when you enjoy our fabulous Farm 2 Fork Caribbean cuisine."

Chef Larry
Head Chef

Meet Our Head of Excursions

"Hello friends. I have to tell you that I have created some amazing excursions for you at each island. From visiting a fort in a volcanic crater (wow!) to whale watching (oooh), you will experience a great adventure, (P.S. While you are having a blast, you may learn some cool facts about Caribbean history too.)

Gary Stevens
Shore Experience Director

Feel the Caribbean Vibe

Come experience a vacation like no other with an authentic Caribbean vibe, sumptuous farm to fork Caribbean cuisine, and reggae music that will fill your soul with happiness. No one knows the Caribbean like we do, so come aboard our amazing yachts for a week you will never forget.

See the beauty of our home port in the Caribbean Islands - St. Vincent & The Grenadines

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