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Only 19.6 miles long and six miles across, Aruba’s beautiful speck of powdery-white sand is a paradise shaped by the sea — an island that embraces you with warm sunny days and even warmer, sunnier people.

The southerly and westerly region of Aruba island is alive with resorts, shopping and nightlife. In the north, waves and wind sculpt rugged coastlines and limestone cliffs. And in our heart, Arikok National Park protects an expanse of desert landscape, towering cacti and natural wonders.

Venture inland and you’ll find even more to experience. Explore the caves and ancient boulders of Arikok by foot, horseback, or ATV. Dive headfirst into the tranquil depths of “Conchi,” a hidden natural pool. It’s easy to wander the whole island in search of happy adventures.

Barbados Scuba Diving & Watersports

Feel the rhythm of the cool island of Aruba where you can indulge your wild side by windsurfing, kitesurfing, or cruising on a catamaran above the clear, calm turquoise waves. Or, scuba dive and snorkel through the reefs and shipwrecks beneath them. The warm southern Caribbean has graced Aruba with world-class watersports.

Fun Facts on Barbados


ABC Islands /Kingdom of Netherlands

Languages spoken

Dutch, Papiamento, English, Spanish

Curency used

Florin, US dollar is accepted everywhere

Area (km2)

19.6 Square Miles

Barbado’s Rich Multicultural History

Aruba’s rich, multicultural past is reflected in their cuisine, architecture, artwork, traditions and warm, friendly people. What began as a fishing outpost for Amerindians changed hands between the Spanish and Dutch over the centuries and is now a diverse constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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