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Bequia, Island Yacht Club Cruises Caribbean Islands


The Grenadines



Bequia, island of the clouds, is considered one of the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secrets. It is the second largest island in the Grenadines and appeals to those who really want get away from it all. Some of the main attractions are Princess Margaret Beach, Firefly Plantation Bequia, and Devils Table. And for Pirate of Caribbean fans – Bequia is thought to be the base of the infamous pirate Edward Teach. A replica of Teach’s ship is shown in the beginning of the movie Blackbeard, Pirate of The Caribbean.

Bequia has a tradition of whaling and building whaling boats. It is one of the few places in the world where whaling is still allowed.

Firefly Plantation Bequia

Built on a 18th century homestead, Firefly Plantation sits on a tropical estate that lies north of the Port Elizabeth. Firefly is a hotel and plantation that many guests enjoy visiting as it is working plantation. You can tour the┬áruins of an historic 280 year old sugar mill and explore orchards with guava, mango, bananas, breadfruit, Bequia plums, and a variety of wonderful and exotic crops. Would you like to crush. your own sugar cane? Then You’ll love this Bequia plantation.

Fun Facts on Bequia


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Languages spoken


Curency used

Eastern Caribbean Dollar, US dollar accepted in many places

Area (km2)

7 Square Miles

Bequia Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

You’ll love the amazing snorkeling and scuba in Bequia. It’s appeal is more than the tropical fish and colorful reefs, it is also the fact that it is not crowded. Snorkelling is particularly good at Spring Bay and Industry Bay on the windward side of Bequia. T

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