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As the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica is an absolute dream for nature enthusiasts as it has lush mountainous rainforests. It boasts of having some of the rarest plants, birds, and animals. For example, you can find the colorful Imperial Amazon parrot, a rare bird only found on Dominica.

IYC Cruises visits Prince Rupert Bay at Portsmouth where you can see the gorgeous treasures of Dominica including the historical artifacts of Fort Shirley, Cabrits National Park, Carib Indian Territory and Indian River to name a few.

Carib Indian Territory is home to the Kalinago Indians in the Caribbean. On an IYC Cruises tour, you can actually go into the community and meet indigenous boat builders, basket weavers, arts and crafts. You will hear legends and stories from natives on how they survived on the island through the ages. It’s a surreal cultural experience when you hear their songs and see their dances. You can also sample cassava bread which is a nice treat to end the tour.

Cabrits National Park is Dominica’s most historic site. Imagine yourself going back in time as you view cannons and learn the history of all the battles that were fought. There is a trail that also leads you through some of the buildings the historic garrison. Also at Cabrits, is a phenomenal view of Prince Rupert Bay, Portsmouth Harbor and neighboring islands Guadeloupe and The Saints.

The Lush Natural Splendor of the Indian River, Dominica

Be enchanted by taking a guided boat excursion on the Indian River with IYC Cruises. You will glide through lush vegetation in an absolute serene setting and spot rare birds, iguanas, fish, orchids, bromeliads, buttress trees, and colorful flowers. You will even see  famous sites where scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed. The flora and fauna on this river will have you amazed such as vibrant Birds of Paradise flowers that adorn the river. A fun stop on the Indian River is the Bush Bar where you can have a signature rum punch and try local cuisine. Also, don’t miss the Botanical Garden which is quite lovely.

Fun Facts on Dominica


Commonwealth of Dominica

Languages spoken

English, Dominican Creole, French

Curency used

Eastern Caribbean Dollar, US dollar

Area (km2)

290 Square Miles

The Waitukubuli National Trail

Dominica’s Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT) is unique. It’s a 200km hiking trail on a single Caribbean island. And the treasure is the waterfall that is just majestic.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to walk all 200km at once! The trail is made up of 14 segments, all of which can be hiked as individual trails. These segments all have their own characteristics and may include forest, mountain, river, coast, farmland, and village. Many follow historic tracks and have strong ties to Dominica’s cultural heritage.

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