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Marie Galante, Island Yacht Club Cruises Caribbean Islands

Marie Galante


Marie Galante

Named in 1493 after Cristopher Columbus’s ship (Gallant Mary), Marie Galante is one of the islands that form Guadelope which is now independent of France. Marie-Galante is comprised of three communes of France Grand-Bourg, Capesterre-de-Marie-Galante and Saint-Louis, Guadelope. The island is flat and is referred to as the Big Biscuit due to its round shape. It use to be the home of hundreds of sugar mills.

For those foodies: here are some restaurants you should indulge in: Les Cent moulin in Grand-Bourg for French cuisine cooking with local vegetables, Tatie Zezete, Capesterre for Fish and local specials and Chez Hajo, Capesterre.

Quaint Villages, Majestic Chateaus & Windmills in Marie Galante

Marie Galante has some colorful villages that line the streets. And while you are driving by to see the village, one thing to see on the island of Marie Galante is the late 18th-century ruins of Château Murat, which is located just outside the island’s capital, Grand-Bourg, on the road to Capesterre. This château is quite a mansion but the insides are no longer intact. It has a stunning view of the sea.

Near the Chateau, you can feast your eyes on what once was a sugar factory. Also, you will find many windmills. You can also go see the estate of Habitation Roussel on the road to Saint Louis which is quite a nice home.

Fun Facts on Marie Galante



Languages spoken

French, Creole

Curency used

Euro, US accepted in a few locations

Area (km2)

61 Square Miles

Marie Galante & France

Did you know that Marie-Garante was actually a part of France until 2005 when the governor held a referendum to leave Guadeloupe as it had been negatively effected their government? After a positive vote in France, the country had 3 months to completely leave France. France still helps economically even after their independence and will do so for 20 years which would be 2025.

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