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Saba, Island Yacht Club Cruises Caribbean


Lesser Antilles


A very unique island that IYC Cruises will take you to is Saba. You probably haven’t heard many of your friends or family say that they have been to this charming destination because it is quite exclusive. Saba has a single volcano measuring more than 2 miles in each direction but it has not erupted for hundred of years. 

Saba plunges below the sea as steeply as it rises above and you can see it all from Saba’s Marine Park. From shallow patch reefs to deep underwater seamounts, Saba’s diving will not disappoint.

Why? Due to past volcanic activity, spectacular formations created and structures such as underwater lava flows and hot springs arose. The reefs are populated with schools of tropical fish and healthy coral, while sheer, close-to-shore walls are covered with sponges of all sizes. Unusual and exciting sightings are always possible in Saba’s waters, including frequent shark encounters.

Saba offers year-round diving with seasonal differences in water temperature and surface conditions. Swells and heavy rainfall may influence visibility, but typically it clears again very quickly.

The Picturesque Village of St. Johns, Saba

St John’s is one of Saba’s smaller villages. Before entering the Capitol, The Bottom, you need to drive through this quaint neighborhood. Here you can make stops to capture some of Saba’s best scenic shots. On a very clear day, you can see neighboring islands St Eustatius, St Kitts, Nevis and, if you’re lucky, even Montserrat! From this vantage point high above the Caribbean Sea, ships and boats can be seen coming and going to Fort Bay Harbor. St. John’s played a big role in the island’s history. If a vessel was approaching someone from the village would signal to residents in The Bottom to let them know visitors would soon arrive. Be sure to check out Crispeen Track, it will certainly take you back in time.

Fun Facts on Saba



Languages spoken

English & Dutch

Curency used

US dollar

Area (km2)

5 Square Miles

Saba’s Green & Lush Hiking Trails

Saba features a network of more than 15 carefully marked and maintained trails ranging from moderate to strenuous, making for a hiker’s paradise. Settings range from rainforests to tide pools to historic ruins in this rich natural wonderland. Our IYC Cruises excursions can take you to through the forests to see the island’s extraordinary eco-diversity, including sampling the local vegetation.

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