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South America


Suriname is a really unique country and a hidden treasure. What makes it so unique is that 93% of the country is jungle and rainforest that is part of the Amazon. And it is mostly untouched, unexplored and IYC Cruises gives you the amazing opportunity to visit this truly wonderful secret of South America.

Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname and the residents of this district are called Paramariboërs. One place to see in Paramaibo is the restored Fort Zeelandia which is one of the oldest buildings still standing. With historical artifacts from the 1600s, this is a historic site where you will learn about the city’s rich and colorful history, as the fort was once a prison, a trading area and a museum.

Surinam, South America,,Island Yacht Club Cruises, Caribbean Islands

The Winding Commewijne River in Suriname

The Suriname and Commewijne Rivers are home to some very cute dolphins and in fact they are one of the smallest dolphin species in the world. Taking a boat tour down the Commewijne River, you will see the glory of old plantation properties divided by canals and coffee, cacao and sugar cane processing plants.

Fun Facts on Suriname


Republic of Suriname

Languages spoken

Dutch and 8 indigenous languages

Curency used

Surinamese dollar

Area (km2)

63,252 Square Miles

Wildlife and vegetation at Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname

Nature enthusiasts, animal lovers and bird watchers – Be amazed to see Suriname in its full wonder at the Brownsberg Nature Park. Here you will see flora and fauna that you won’t see anywhere else. Take an IYC Cruises’ Tour and see creeks, waterfalls, rivers, rocks and wildlife alive in its natural habitat.  You will see fantastic creatures like monkeys, turtles, exotic birds, lizards, snakes and more.

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