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Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad is part of the island country of Trinidad and Tobago and is located in the southeastern part of the West Indies. As one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean, Trinidad is quite close to the continent of South America. It is more than 10x larger than Tobago. As you can see, it has some beautiful jungle beaches lined with palm trees and waterfalls.

If you are looking for some cool sites to see, go to Port of Spain and consider checking out a view of the Hindu temple that is in the sea, or visit Queen’s Park Savannah which is Port of Spain’s largest open green space, occupying approximately 260 acres of grassy park lands. The savannah was originally part of the St Ann’s Estate on which sugar was cultivated. The Park is abundant with shady samaan and poui trees which makes for a great picnic place.

Trinidad has had a successful export business in oil which has very much helped its economy. Visit the Port of Spain to see the bustling city with ports, modern high-rises and  highways. You will also see alluring Victorian and Georgian mansions, neoclassical and elegant adorned plazas.

Don’t miss an Instagram photo with the 85 foot tall Lord Hanuman (a Hindu God) statue which towers over the village of Carapichaima. Its the largest Hanuman murti outside of India. Lord Hanuman is the most revered disciple of Lord Rama who exhibited great strength and bravery.

Fort George -Trinidad

The sunset views from Trinidad’s Fort George is the next stop on our list. History tells that back In 1804, under the direction of the then British Governer, Brigadier-General Sir Thomas Hislop, a series of complex military fortifications were built on the North-western hills overlooking the stunning Gulf of Paria to protect the Port of Spain from any perceived military threats. Defensive activities not being required beyond this, in 1846 the site ceased to be a military establishment.

An intricate, wooden signal station, designed by Prince Kofi Nti, son of King Kofi Calcali of Ashantee West Africa was later built in 1833, sharply contrasting the formidable characteristics of the fort. The site came to be known as Fort George (formerly La Vigie) and continues to offer visitors spectaular, panoramic views of Port of Spain in addition to views of its original cannons, dungeons and artefacts.

Fun Facts on Trinidad


Trinidad & Tobago

Visa requirements

No visa is required for this destination for a stay of up to 90 days.

Languages spoken


Curency used

Trinidadian Dollar

Area (km2)

1,850 Square Miles

Stunning Stalagmite in Trinidad’s Caves

For those who like to explore, and do not get claustrophobic – There is an intricate limestone cave system on the island of Gaspar Grande, off Trinidad’s north-western coast, the Gasparee Caves. Magnificent stalagmites and stalactites line the cave and some limestone formations have taken the shape of dinosaurs and other creatures. Sunlight streams through a hole to the top of the cave, making the water in the cave’s deep blue grotto glisten invitingly.

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